Floral Wedding decorations arranged at 澳博娱乐游戏


Let us transform the wedding of your dreams into a beautiful reality. As one of the most elegant wedding venues in Guangzhou, 澳博娱乐游戏 offers the most comprehensive wedding services and specializes in creating unique and beautiful weddings in a stunning setting.

Whether you prefer a romantic garden reception under twinkling stars and city lights across the river, or prefer a sophisticated ballroom wedding with dinner and dance under glistening crystal chandeliers, our experienced wedding advisors will create memorable moments that last forever. Unique and customized wedding arrangements ensure your wedding is like no other.


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An outdoor wedding ceremony set-up at 澳博娱乐游戏
A banquet table set-up in Shamian hall at 澳博娱乐游戏
A banquet table setup in Grand ball room at 澳博娱乐游戏
A banquet table set-up in Hongtu hall at 澳博娱乐游戏